Sunday, September 28, 2008

Would you believe...

...the new daily driver is a 1987 Volkswagen Cabriolet?

From Cabriolet

From Cabriolet

No cracks about it being a girl's car.

There's something about 80's cars that I love. There are few cars from this time period more iconic than a Mk1 Volkswagen... they are the forefathers of the modern hot hatchbacks. Plus it's great riding around with the top down.

The heat works, the air works, new Alpine radio with iPod adapter, tires with tread... and it's pretty good on gas. It's already got the Mustang beat.


jojo said...

OH WOw... my favorite old ride... before i got into "horses" and farmlife that was MY vehicle. I finally had to get rid of it, when i started putting bales of hay in the back seat with the top down. Realizing at that point it was a bit stupid to hang on to it. But it was great fun. top was always down. And it always ran great. Good luck and congrats!

Jeffrey Byrnes said...

Cars from Europe are amazing. I love the older cars from the 80's-90's cars were built well back then. I just drove my an early 90's Volvo in Holyoke today. I saw the price tag 1500.00 I thought wow, that car would last forever and a decade and its cheap. Hope its treating you well!