Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Richard Wright

photo BBC News

I remember the first time I listened to The Wall all the way through... I had picked the cassette up at Camelot Music to play in my Walkman (old skool yellow Sports model) while on a flight from Florida to Moscow in 1986. I remember thinking I was so cool to be listening to this old music while everyone else was listening to Mr. Mister and Lionel Richie. Hell, I was in 7th grade. Maybe it was the fact that I would soon be staying in the country that was our sworn enemy, but it was a seminal moment for me. It started opening my eyes to a world outside of the World's Most Famous Beach. As time went on I became a huge fan of Pink Floyd... perhaps the only one that never smoked pot. Over time I stopped listening to Floyd on a daily basis, but I have a playlist on my iPod for when I'm feeling nostalgic.

So the news yesterday of Pink Floyd keyboardist, Richard Wright's death hit a sensitive spot. Mr. Wright died on Monday of cancer. I remember watching a documentary on Syd Barrett last year and Shine on You Crazy Diamond came on. Fletch sat with me and listened and while it didn't exactly make him a fan, I could tell he was thinking about it. He's an introvert and I'm sure there will come a day when that song will mean as much to him as it does to me.

David Gilmore had this to say:
He was gentle, unassuming and private but his soulful voice and playing were vital, magical components of our most recognised Pink Floyd sound. Like Rick, I don't find it easy to express my feelings in words, but I loved him and will miss him enormously. I have never played with anyone quite like him.

Shine on, Rick...

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