Saturday, July 05, 2008

Dear West Springfield

Your fireworks display sucked... It was short and they barely made it above the tree line. Oh and I've never experienced less consideration of others than by the attendees that arrived three minutes before the fireworks started and stood directly in front of the chairs that we planted an hour earlier. I've put on better displays myself after trips through South Carolina when I was a kid.

And to top it all off, some complete fucking nitwit decided to let off something near my car as we were leaving that shot a flaming ball of something that bounced off Fletcher's head, my leg and then nearly landed in my car. The only thing that saved him from getting pummeled within an inch of his life was the fact that I try to set a good example to my kids and not get arrested in front of them. But the people parked on either side of us sure thought they were going to see a battle royale when I charged the guy and told him what a stupid asshole he was and to get the fuck out of there before I changed my mind.

Good thing Fletch's ninja skills allowed him to duck enough that it didn't hit his face.