Sunday, October 19, 2008


Halloween is my favorite holiday and yesterday was punkin' pickin' day. We went to a new place...
From Kids
Fletcher Farm in Easthampton, of course! We took one of Fletcher's friends from school.

They had some nice pumpkins...
From Kids

...and we made some new friends.
From Kids
Ham, Sausage...

From Kids
...and Bacon.

One of us even kissed a cow.
From Kids

We selected our pumpkins and made for home.
From Kids

I'm taking suggestions for what to carve in them.

A note... don't worry about making the hay ride. There wasn't much to it. We circled one empty field, crossed the road and circled another. Unless you happen to catch a college cheerleading team , Playboy playmates, or a group of librarian fetishists having a weekend outing in Western Massachusetts, it's going to be a boring, dusty ride.

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Mary E.Carey said...

Wonderful photos, Joe. I especially like the cheerful pig and the cow-kissing.