Sunday, October 19, 2008

Apple Pickin'

I forgot to post last week's outing... apple picking.

We went to Clarkdale Orchard up in Deerfield.
The last time we were there, Blythe was only two...
...somebody has grown a bit.
Looks like it's time for some apple pie.

While we were there, I saw my second favorite car, the MkII Jaguar... in British racing green, like it should be.
After that we headed down to Old Deerfield Village for their colonial chocolate exhibit.
It was interesting to have hot chocolate prepared as the colonials did. The recipe called for many spices, including star anise and pepper. I never realized how much chocolate was used in colonial America. As a matter of fact, Ben Franklin sold chocolate out of his Philly print shop and British soldiers were given a chocolate ration during the French and Indian War.

The exhibit was sponsored by Mars, Inc. and you can order chocolate made with an original colonial recipe from their website, American Heritage Chocolate.

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