Sunday, August 31, 2008

Through the Viewfinder

Great... thanks to Jim Neill over at Life in the NohoDome I find myself compelled to do something else, Through the Viewfinder photography. That is, shooting with a modern digital camera through the viewfinder of an old school camera like the Duaflex II with a viewfinder on top. I was sitting here this morning looking at old photos and I read his blog about picking up a Duaflex and experimenting with it and a digital camera. Since I had one downstairs, I broke it out, got my Canon and macro lens, and started shooting.

The first thing I noticed was how difficult it is to hold the heavy Canon and the Kodak... Because the macro lens is manual and fixed, I have to focus by moving the two cameras toward or away from each other, all while framing the shot.

The second thing I noticed was how filthy the Duaflex was inside.

So I took it apart and cleaned it.

There's nothing like using a $800 macro lens to shoot photos that look like they came from the pinhole camera you built as a science fair project in 5th grade.

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Ponto said...

Very nice photos! I've been meaning to try this - wonder where my Graflex is?