Sunday, August 17, 2008


The concept of Freecycle is brilliant. How many times do you have something in your house that is perfectly serviceable, but no longer needed? Say you're redecorating and buy a new couch. The old couch is fine and still has years of use left in it. Or you are downsizing or moving and would rather get rid of things than lug them to a new place. What do you do?

You go on and place an ad. You offer the item for free to someone who will be able to make use of it. You get rid of something you no longer need, someone else gets something they need, and the amount of stuff going to local landfills is decreased. A win-win situation, right?

Except in Holyoke... I don't think the people here quite grasp the concept. This is what you expect to see:

OFFER: Vitamaster Fitness Airmaster (Holyoke)

Vitamaster Fitness Airmaster exercise bike. More than just a stationary bike, it has movable parts so that you can exercise your arms as well, sort of like an eliptical but not nearly as advanced. Also has a digital screen. In very good shape, needs to be cleaned up because it's been in my garage for a few months.

Makes sense, right? Poor schlub gets exercise machine in a fit of low self esteem and desire to lose a couple pounds. It turns into a place to hang dirty clothes and then gets relegated to the garage. Make it some other fatty's problem. Win-win.

Instead you get post after post like these (all misspellings courtesy the poster):

wanted:S.Hadley, cordless phone, canoe paddles, leapser or nintendo
I tring to list everything I've needed but haven't had the time to list. We broke my fathers paddle on a canoe trip and need to replace it. It was plastic and it cracked on the rocks. Any will do though.

We need a cordless phone any kind

our five girls have leapsters game systems and nintendo ds systems. I spent soo much money on these for a plane ride and I'm hoping to find some used games for the girls because they have played the same ones for awhile now.

Also we have three leapsters and two working because the glass cracked from being stepped on during vacation in the car. They are fighting over the two left. I would take a broken leapser to replace the glass on this brand new game system or a working one.

Hi, i am looking for a piano one that works pls. if u have one u wanna get rid of pls. let me know thanks

WANTED: Pinking sheers (West Springfield)
I have a pair somewhere, but can not find them for the life of me!


wanted....bean bag chairs
hello, i am looking for 2 bean bag chairs. If anyone can provide one or both please email me. Thanks in advance.

What the hell is wrong with people? I can understand if you have need of something like a fridge after yours died and posting, but a pair of pinking shears? To replace the pair that you lost? Or a paddle that you borrowed and then broke? There is something wrong in America when this mentality is accepted. I've got an idea... throw the damned Nintendo DS away (or post it on Freecycle), go to the library and get your short-attention-span daughters some books to read.

Couch surfing photo courtesy SighlentJ.


VanDog said...

I joined our local freecycle yahoo group years ago. Found it to be useless.

That reminds me, I have an walking/running machine I want to get rid of.

jojo said...

hysterically funny!!! and true... but here in lovely florida they ask for cars and cell phones. LOL what a crock. i stopped using it when i realized many make that their livlihood, out posting everyone, taking everything then going to the flea markets to sell it. Oh well.. :)

Joey B said...

I kind of suspected that some people might be using it as a way of getting stuff for eBay and flea markets.

Reducing in HM said...

Hi, I help moderate the local Holyoke Freecycle group and I promise that we are trying to cut down on this kind of crap. I also edits Post headings so they make actual sense.

Well, I try anyway.

Joey B said...

I'm an extremely generous person... to a fault. But when I see stuff like this, I just don't know what to sayl

I'm glad that there is someone sensible moderating the group though. Otherwise it will just become a wasteland and drive off the sort of people that would benefit most.