Thursday, August 21, 2008

Retro Design Done Right

I hate being manipulated by manufacturers who offer "retro" designs. Well, I guess I should qualify that. Most of the time they just bollocks it up by pasting on bits of the old design rather haphazardly on something new. Case in point...

I nearly puked when I saw Ford's retro version of the Thunderbird. I was never a real fan of the original, but I could appreciate its design. Then Ford decided to offer this abortion of a car in 2002 to capture the "retro" market.



The guy who designed that should be made to drive it through Gehenna and back. I guess that's what happens when you have a Canadian design a retro version of an American classic.

Then sometimes a person creates a design that seamlessly transitions a product from our salad days into our gritty, real life present.

My dad had two Datsun Fairlady Zs when I was a kid... a 240z and a 280z I believe, yellow and green respectively.


I always loved those cars and when it came time to buy my first car, dad and I both settled on a Nissan 240sx. There was a bit of a family resemblance there, although watered down a bit.

Hell, if I could find one that hadn't been beaten all to hell by drifters, I might buy it. But I digress...

Today I saw something truly beautiful.



It was designed by Lars MÃ¥rtensson on a lark. Just. Because. There's more over at Japanese Nostalgic Car.

Now that, folks, is how you do it. Would that Nissan took notice and hired this guy on.

240sx photo courtesy MonkeyDodge


Anonymous said...

Retro done right
I just purchased a Chevrolet HHR SS, modeled after a 1949 suburban.

30 MPG, and 250hp, it has enough room to haul ass.

Joey B said...

I don't really go for the panel van look, but I certainly like the HHR better than the anemic PT Cruiser. And everything that I've heared about the SS has been positive.