Wednesday, April 07, 2010


I looked at an apartment today that was recommended to me by a friend.

The previous tenant hasn't moved out yet and it's got a distinct Hoarders feel to it at this point. It's quirky and it's above a bakery, art gallery and ice cream shop. It's walking distance to the grocery store, staggering distance from a couple of bars, just down the street from the bike trail and at the foot of Mt. Tom.

And I kind of love it.
Most of all because I think I'll have the best neighbors I could ever imagine.

And out back...

 ...Nashawannuck Pond.

It's the kind of place where I think I can start over. A place to live simply, be surrounded by fantastic people and be me again.

Thank you Mo... thank you so much.


Tony said...

That's a fantastic spot, man. Jump on that.

Lorie said...

Hey Joe I think the place is great! Close to everything and an amazing view! WOW! Need to send up date pic's when your settled.
Good Luck - Lorie

Anonymous said...

I like your statement, "be me again" I know exactly what you mean. Big life changes makes you feel not yourself. Good luck I hope it works out for you. Deb

lubahlu said...

That looks awesome! I hope you get it!!! I've always wanted to live in an apartment above a store, like the ones in downtown Marshall. Very, very cool.

Joey B said...

Thanks Tony... I did. I sign the rental agreement tomorrow.

jojo said...

ooh very cool. reminds me of my quirky days in south beach. Love the kitchen.

Ariel said...

I LOVE it! Makes me want to move again.

Joey B said...

Ariel... You definitely need some kind of change.

Mo said...

ok - with edits. my fingers have bot yet had sufficient coffee:


This is the work of a person who told me she is a Professional Interior Designer yet who is also, by way of her words, quite litigious. So just a heads' up. She is not a computer person but... well. I'd be a wee bit a-scared of having the pictures up because of threats shouted through the walls of lawyers flogging and incarcerating me for having monthly dinner parties which somehow break laws... in certain minds.

It will be my pleasure to have you as a neighbor. And I will add your blog link to my blog post haste-ishly.

your pal,