Thursday, April 23, 2009

Make a wish

I once broke a wishbone with my wife.

Each of the ends broke off in our hands and the center part flew up into the air. It arced down and one of the sharp ends stuck into my shoulder.

I'm just sayin'.


Radar Check said...

I to recently had the center fly off of a wishbone. No injuries were incurred in ours though. I grew up thinking the person with biggest piece would have wish granted. My girlfriend led me on the history of wishbones. The center is where the wish comes from. Wish you a speedy recovery and good to see your post.

Radar Check said...

Found your blog from "in the valley", a friend of mine. Read blog on your dad and have followed ever since.

ShakenFruit said...

Ka-thunk (Sound of my heart breaking a little while.)

In my mind, I watch in slow motion as the piece of bone breaks free.

Where you are right now sucks. It's the worst. The. Worst. Doing the right thing should feel better, and it does, but not for awhile.

Andy said...

You do with words what Picasso did with paint. Wishing you nothing but the best, my friend.