Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Dad on his 73rd

My dad would have been 73 years old today.

Most people knew him as an easygoing family practice physician.

While in high school, he pulled a pistol on his principal.

He once shot out the back window of the truck owned by a guy that was trespassing on our farm. Another time he took two guys at gunpoint from our farm to the police station in town... sitting with them in the back of the truck while my brother drove... for picking shrooms.

He broke his neck in a car accident and had to be put in a halo... he was seeing patients in his office three days later.

He twice pissed away more money in the span of a couple of years than I am likely to ever see in my lifetime.

Snakes feared him when he had his golf clubs.

He was generous with time and money, but rarely with patience or praise.

He imparted the wisdom in me to not judge a man by what he wore or how he spoke.

At times he taught me how to be... and others, how not to be.

He was a man for which the words pride and shame had no meaning.

Happy Birthday dad. I don't know what you'd think of me if you could see me today.


Jeffrey Byrnes said...

That was an amazing piece Joe. It truly brought a tremendous amount of emotions over me. The whole father son relationship is something missing from my life. But damn, you have made one captivating post!

Joey B said...

Thanks... he was certainly larger than life.

Andy said...

My thoughts are definitely with you these last couple days, my brotha.

VanDog said...

True life makes the best stories.