Sunday, February 22, 2009


My son had a sleepover last night and when he came home this morning he told me that the door on my Volkswagen wasn't shut tight. Odd... since I have to depress the handle to lock it. It was just about to rain, so I went on outside to check on it. And that's when I discovered... this:

From Cabriolet

From Cabriolet

From Cabriolet

From Cabriolet

In better times:

From Cabriolet

Welcome to Holyoke.

I try to be upbeat about Holyoke, but this just pisses me off. It's not the radio... it was ok, but nothing fantastic. It's the fact that somebody in this cancer ridden town would cut a hole in the top of a 22 year old car and yank out a cheap radio. It doesn't even make sense.


VanDog said...

WTH, Break into a car for a radio with a street value of $5?

Joey B said...

No... the radio was at least worth a hundred... the car is about $5.

Tony said...

That sucks. I have a canvas top on my vehicle, and I usually just leave my doors unlocked when I think theivery might be an issue: take what you want, just don't rip up the top...

But this happened at home? double suck...

Joey B said...

Parked right where it is in that last shot.

All I can say is that whomever did it had better be glad I don't believe in having guns in my home now that I have kids... because my dad was the kind of guy that would have baited them and waited up with a shotgun.

jojo said...

5 times this happened to me. FIVE! once it was moved and everything was gone the seats the radio the door leathers. sucks. and one of the reasons i just never got another one. i had the same cabrio you do. hot commodity the elements inside these cars. especially if its original.

i think after the last time i put fake leather seats in. just so it wouldn't happen again.

so sorry you go thru this in what i would think is a nice suburb.

Jeffrey Byrnes said...

Its them damn crack heads I tell ya what! But I am curious, is that grass growing out of the top of the car? Like a form of going green with your old car?

Sorry to hear about that dude. People are just cruel. A window is easier to replace than a top. It sounds very malicious. Hope it works out for you.

Jackie said...

What?? It doesn't even make sense. Why would someone break into someone else's car for the radio?? I'm planning to look at some used cars in Indianapolis with my hubby next weekend and find a Mini Cooper S. I sure don't wanna experience that!
That adds up to my reason why I should consider used cars. Indianapolis, Indiana is flooded with great car dealerships, so I better choose the best one.

Anyway, thanks for this warning.