Friday, October 28, 2011

Our Past Future

I need your help. I really, really need your help.

I'm working on a project that involves creating some objects representative of the future that we thought we'd be living now, when seen through the eyes of 1930-1960's society. I don't want to go into a lot of detail, because I want to keep it slightly secret agent, but I need some assistance getting started and this is where you can help.

The first thing I need... Drills. Old electric drills. A lot of them. They don't have to work. What I had in mind were these:

I also need old vacuum tubes.

If you see something like this in your basement and you want to get rid of it, or you're out someplace like an antique store, yard sale or flea market, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! You'll be a part of making a cool art project.

email me at or text me at 413.271.4041 and let me know what you have or where you saw it. I will greatly appreciate it.


angela said...

we have a garage full of old tools. steve's collected them from people over the years. i'll have him point out what he doesn't want, that sounds like what you need, and send you a pic.

Joey B said...

Thanks, Ang... I appreciate it. :)