Wednesday, January 16, 2008


For the last couple of weeks Blythe has been talking about her friend "Sara". At first we weren't sure if it was one of her classmates, but after we were informed that she lived in our house we figured she was either an imaginary friend or a ghost. And since Fletcher is our first defense against spirits and he hasn't raised the alarm yet it had to be an imaginary friend.

Sara is a wunderkind... She has all the coolest toys and can stay up late. She rides a horse and has unicorn wallpaper. She has eyes that light up at night and she poops rainbows. She doesn't have to eat fish or vegetables and subsists on yogurt, cheese sticks and orange juice.

The other day I came home and Blythe told me that Sara was, in fact, here and she wanted to introduce me. I assumed that I would have to carry on a conversation with the thin air for a couple of minutes, but low and behold I found her little golem, Sara in the corner of the living room.

Tea towel $ 1.00
Disney nightgown $ 9.00
bead necklace $ .50
Manfrotto tripod $230.00

Crossdressing Star Wars battle droid imaginary friend... Priceless.

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